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CIA Tuition & Facility Fees Agreement
Academic Year 2024-2025

THIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between Caribbean International Academy Foundation and the parent or guardian, herein after referred to as the parent “guardian”, whose signature appears below.


The parties hereto accept the following terms and conditions governing the child’s enrollment at the school.

  1. The parent agrees to enroll his or her son/daughter/protégé                                                                                             in the                                                                 class for the 2024-2025 school year.

2. The parent agrees to pay the tuition, facility fee and all fees for the grade in which his or her child/protégé is to be enrolled in accordance with the announced rates.


3. Upon signing of this Agreement, the parent agrees to pay the school an Application, Athletic, Material, Book, an Annual Facility fee $50 per family plus a deposit equal to two months tuition that will be applied to the total annual tuition. This fee is non-refundable unless the child is denied enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year.


4. The parent understands and agrees that the child is enrolled for the entire school year and the parent is liable for the entire school year’s tuition and fees upon signing this Agreement.


5. The parent further agrees that the withdrawal or dismissal for any reason of the child after the execution of this Agreement does not relieve the parent of the responsibility for payment of the entire year’s tuition and fees.


6. The parent agrees to pay tuition in accordance with the payment plan chosen as laid out in the fee schedule for the 2024-2025 school year. Failure to pay tuition by the due dates (1st of each month from September through April and April 24 for the month of May) will result in a late fee charge of $10.00 a day after the due date for the account of the parent. A Visa/Master credit card guarantee is required on file for all monthly payments done via bank transfers. The credit card will be charged if the fees are not paid by the 10th of each month.

7. The fact that the School allows tuition to be paid in two or more installments does not create a fractional contract or in any way relieve the parent of the responsibility for the entire year’s tuition and fees.


8. The parent agrees that if tuition and fees are not made in accordance with this Agreement, the School shall have the right to refuse to admit the child to class. The parent also agrees that the School shall have the right to withhold the transcript and school records until all tuition and fees have been paid. The School also reserves the right to refuse re-enrollment for the following academic year if the previous school year’s fees have not been paid in full.


9. This Tuition and Fee Agreement is not binding until executed by the School and is for the period of one year only. This Agreement is further conditioned upon the child finishing the current year in good standing.

It is the preference how to pay school tuition and fees as indicated by the following payment plan. The method of payment may be changed during the course of the school year.

Select Payment Plan


Thank you for submitting this agreement!

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