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Mr. Link

Guidance Counselor


Students are reminded that application deadlines can approach quickly depending on the school or country of study chosen. Students and parents are encouraged to contact Mr. Link via email or telephone to set an appointment to meet, to ask questions regarding the application process, and/or to request transcripts. You do not want to miss any deadlines. Mr. Link can be reached at or via the school’s telephone number +1(721)545-3871 extension 40, during regular school hours.

Peer Tutoring Program

The Guidance Department’s Peer Tutoring program is a useful way to help improve student grades and encourage students to keep working hard.  It assists students who are experiencing difficulties in a certain subject area or who have a language barrier by pairing them up with senior high school students who have had proven success in that subject area.

Mission of the Guidance Counselor

Support and promote students’ well-being and continuous growth in three areas: personal (student) development, interpersonal development, career development in order to help them develop resilience and realize their potential as individuals and as valuable members of society.

Personal Well-being and Development

  • Mental and emotional health

  • Self-knowledge and esteem

  • Sense of future Goal-setting

  • Self-management skills

  • Learning skills

Interpersonal Well-being and Development

  • Sense of belonging

  • Connection to school community

  • Positive interaction with others

  • Sense of social responsibility

Career Development

Positive transitions from elementary to secondary school and from secondary school to a variety of post-secondary destinations, including work, apprenticeship, college, university.

  • Career planning knowledge and skills

  • Skills for finding and securing work/employment

Realizing the Mission

The Guidance Counsellor seeks to realize this mission through three different kinds of activities: Instruction, service, and system support activities.

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